Finding The Perfect Outdoor Guide


We search high and low for guides with the skills, know-how, and personality to stand apart from the crowd. No paid listings, ever. iTREKKERS is invite-only.


Next, we meet and review all the best guides across the Sunshine State to make sure they’re top notch. We won’t sacrifice quality for quantity.


Once we’ve vetted a guide, we allow him or her to join our network of trusted, reliable professionals. Who’s the best? Let us worry about that.

…and here’s how we pick ’em:


A great guide showcases a combination of technical skill, local knowledge, and credentials that let you know you’re in good hands.


Our hand-selected guides are friendly professionals who have an instinct for excellent customer service and a desire to share a love of the outdoors with guests.


Every guide in our network has been vetted for dependability, excellent communication, a commitment to punctuality, and a reputation as a trusted industry professional.


No need to purchase costly or bulky gear – iTREKKERS guides provide top-notch equipment on every adventure! From top-of-the-line fishing boats to sleek, lightweight camping tents.

Guides who can hang and know their stuff.

We get it – you’re worried that spending the day with a stranger might kill your vibe. That’s why we only allow guides into the iTREKKERS network who know how to skillfully walk the line between leading the way and helping you and your crew have a blast.

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Our guides get dirty so you don’t have to.

Ever wonder what happens before a guided fishing trip? Here’s a taste of the typical behind-the-scenes view for a guide.

Meet the iTREKKERS Guides

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