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We are a team of designers, creators, developers, outdoors advocates, and visionary thinkers based in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Unleashing the outdoors means endless possibilities for spreading our core mission to inspire adventure and make the outdoors accessible to all.

Tom Mulliez, Founder of iTREKKERS

Tom Mulliez

Founder & CEO

Tom is a father, husband, entrepreneur, and the visionary behind iTREKKERS. Tom founded the company in 2014 after realizing that bringing together vetted professional captains, guides, gear and locations on one platform would help guarantee everyone a better experience in the outdoors. Today, iTREKKERS helps people reconnect with nature while learning new skills at free or low-cost paddle, SUP and fishing lessons in Tampa Bay, St. Pete, and Clearwater. iTREKKERS is a combination of Tom’s desires to share his love of nature, to inspire others to have fun outside and to care about preserving the environment for future generations.

Tom’s mission is to make a million man-woman-child army of outdoor enthusiasts. He’s got the gear, the guides, and the passion to make it happen.

Tom, who earned a Bachelor in Commerce from Canada’s McGill University and an MBA in marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University, was raised between his hometown of Roubaix, France, and a small town near Atlanta. His love of nature is derived from early memories of camping in the Georgia mountains with his father. For Tom, the only passion greater than a love of the outdoors is his love of family. Tom and his wife often spend time outdoors camping, at the beach, or on their boat with their three young children.

Jason Semeyn


Captain Jason bought his first boat at age 11. He brings deep knowledge of Gulf coast fishing to his role as VP of Customer Experience at iTREKKERS, where he manages guide acquisition and curates every step of the trek experience, going on each trek himself. Jason’s favorite part about being outside is getting a fresh perspective – something he hopes to see clients experience. A lifelong love of fishing and camping combined with his years as a game warden for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission led Jason, a Tampa native and University of Florida graduate, to iTREKKERS.

Jason also runs occasional iTREKKERS fishing charters. His favorite place to fish: Boca Grande. When he’s not out on the boat, Jason enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, a marine biologist, and their three children.

Karla Leggett, Director of Operations and Sales for iTREKKERS

Karla Leggett

Director of Operations and Sales

Music and the beach are Karla’s favorite forms of therapy. Her appreciation for being outdoors is grounded in childhood memories of mountain camping trips, and in spending time at Florida’s beaches. The iTREKKERS Director of Operations and Sales manages everything from finances and on-boarding new employees to customer service and affiliate marketing. For Karla, who has gone on every trek, iTREKKERS is an opportunity to show others how easy it can be to enjoy being outdoors. Every single demographic can experience a camping trip, she says: no one is too old or young to enjoy being immersed in nature, camping under the stars.

Karla, who earned a degree in Business Administration Human Resources from the University of South Florida, is a proud mother to two daughters: a University of Central Florida freshman and a University of Florida graduate. Her strong love of her iTREKKERS team makes it more of a family.

Matt Land, Director of Marketing for iTREKKERS

Matt Land

Director, Channel Partners

Matt strives to help people be happier through the experience of being outdoors. As iTREKKERS Director of Channel Partners, Matt combines enterprise-level sales experience with personal enthusiasm about the health benefits of spending time outside. Matt earned a Business and Organization Management degree (and played football) at Tennessee’s Maryville College, developing an interest in hiking in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. He grew up pursuing dual loves: fishing and surfing. For Matt, helping others learn how simple it is to go on treks and make memories in nature through iTREKKERS coincides perfectly with his drive to share how the outdoors has helped him thrive.

When he’s not on the water, Matt rolls around town on a custom longboard.

Jacob Lishen

Director of Sales Strategy & Development

What do you get when you combine a rugged outdoor lifestyle with cunning sales strategies? Meet Jacob Lishen.

The single stoplight town of Pierson, FL raised a strapping young outdoorsman turned businessman – and indeed, it took a village: Jacob’s father and mother are both business-savvy lovers of the outdoors. Jacob learned sales techniques from his father, then grew his knowledge through a position at a national technology company, where he managed client retention and new sales.

Jacob’s love for football and dedication to playing the sport helped him develop a passion for working hard and crushing goals. Those characteristics inform his role at iTREKKERS, where he develops partnerships and strategically aligns sales goals – while saving plenty of time on the side for catching snook from his canoe.

Ben Bradley, Director of Media for iTREKKERS

Ben Bradley

Marketing Director

Ben is a self-taught videographer with a passion for filmmaking. The iTREKKERS Marketing Director was born and raised minutes from iTREKKERS HQ in nearby Brandon, Florida, where he spent much of his early days outside. A genuine love of the experience of being in the wild, and with his passion for videography, combine to infuse the media Ben creates with a feeling of enthusiasm and appreciation for the outdoors. At iTREKKERS, that enthusiasm translates into outdoors-focused photo and video content.

Ben earned a degree in Business Administration with a focus on marketing from the University of South Florida, and soon after launched his own video production agency. When he’s not creating video, he is trying local Tampa sushi restaurants with his girlfriend Alessa and keeping up to date on pop culture and politics.

Gregg Hilferding, Lead Developer for iTREKKERS

Gregg Hilferding

Lead Developer

In his role as Lead Developer at iTREKKERS, Gregg, simply put, makes the website work. For Gregg, spending time outdoors means a slower pace, less distractions, and the opportunity to disconnect – something he hopes to show to others through iTREKKERS.

Gregg credits his love of the outdoors to a youthful desire to earn merit badges in activities like kayaking, fishing, and camping through Boy Scouts. Gregg joined the elite club of Appalachian Trail solo thru-hikers when he was only 19 years old; a scout trip to the Smokey Mountains inspired the six-month trek.

Cristina Ordaz, Senior Brand Manager for iTREKKERS

Cristina Ordaz

Senior Brand Manager

Cristina is a self-described outdoor newbie. As Senior Brand Manager, Cristina is responsible for the visual design of both the iTREKKERS website and print material. Her focus on helping the brand grow coincides with her own drive to spend more time outdoors. A casual outdoors enthusiast who appreciates nature, and the feeling of escaping from reality, Cristina is the prime iTREKKERS audience and brings that perspective to the team. Cristina, who grew up in Tampa, honed her branding and design skills in the graphic design program at University of South Florida in St. Petersburg. Cristina’s favorite hobbies: reading or cheering on her favorite soccer teams; her two cats, Lolo and Pear, are named after Arsenal players.

Brian Swanick, Digital Marketing Consultant for iTREKKERS

Brian Swanick

Digital Marketing Consultant

Brian loves adventure, exploring new surroundings, and connecting with friends on his frequent travels. His childhood in the Tampa suburbs was spent mostly outside, playing street hockey games or fishing with friends. Brian earned a marketing degree from the University of Central Florida and moved to cities like Miami and Atlanta, exploring freelance roles. An epiphany of sorts during a weekend mountain trip gave Brian the goal of spending more time outside, and he started enjoying adventures like kayaking in Florida, hiking in Colorado, or even walking 3 miles home from work on a weekday. Today, Brian’s love of exploring new places infuses his daily work as a Digital Marketing Consultant, helping people create new memories with iTREKKERS.

Justine Carlisle


Justine spent her childhood swimming at beaches in New Jersey or Florida’s Gulf Coast, or seeking a good spot to read a book outside. She honed writing skills as Editor-In-Chief of her high school newspaper and earned a degree in English from the University of South Florida. As Content Manager for iTREKKERS, Justine creates and manages website and corporate content and handles the company’s social media and blog. Spreading the word about the benefits of being outdoors drives Justine, who developed a passion for hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway trails in North Carolina.

Along with hiking and walking her dog, Chloe (her favorite thing), Justine enjoys swimming, SCUBA diving, camping, and cooking.

Dylan Pexton, iTREKKERS

Dylan Pexton


Being immersed in nature is Dylan’s favorite part about being outside. As a Tampa Bay Paddle Sports guide, he shares this experience and knowledge of the local ecology with clients on guided paddle tours. As Operations Manager, he assists the sales and marketing teams in telling the iTREKKERS story.

Dylan’s love of the water runs deep: his first three years were spent on a boat, his first job was a dockhand in Newport, RI, and he is a licensed captain with experience running a 72-foot schooner. A recent University of Tampa grad who once spent a summer shearing sheep in New Zealand (true story!), Dylan earned a degree with a concentration in International Business and Marketing in May 2017.

Peter Bedrosian

Customer service

Technology, the outdoors, and great conversation: Peter has the perfect mix of interests and skills for welcoming new customers to the iTREKKERS culture. As a former customer service specialist for the world’s largest computer company, Peter knows how to tackle even your deepest, darkest questions. Ok, he’s not that intense, but he can definitely put a smile on your face while booking your next adventure.

Peter, who grew up in Tampa’s quiet suburbs, has a passion for the growing city. His love for Tampa will outdo any average downtowner, but his passion for the concrete jungle is equally balanced by his love for the woods. Peter enjoys getting in touch with nature through camping, hiking, and anything on the water.

Fun fact: Due to a first-day communication mishap, Peter is now called “Robbie” by the rest of the team… for the rest of his life.

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