Below please find reviews our customers have left after their experience with an iTrekkers guide.

Laura C.

I caught 25 fish today and you caught the biggest one at 34 in. That is true, I also caught 9 others that weren’t that long but just as competitive. Thanks Capt. Jim and!

Sam W.

Really glad that we found Captain Jim on iTrekkers. Had an amazing time today, went out with some friends and caught a bunch of fish, went to a bunch of different locations. And really a website I highly recommend visiting.

Teresa H.

Hi this is Teresa. We just spent the day on the water with Captain Billy Nobles. We saw some great fish brought into the boat, caught some big snapper today. Storms kept us in, we wanted to stay out a little bit longer. But we had an awesome day. On the way in, we got to see a whale shark. Billy was kind enough to slow down for us, and take the time, everybody got in the water to swim with it. Can’t ask for a better day.

Carl & Sal

We had an awesome time. We came down from Buffalo, New York, seven feet of snow. We needed to go fishing. So we went to Awesome trip. We’ve got a new vessel here, decked out from bow to stern with great equipment. The captain and the first mate knew exactly where to go, we got the limit. We caught a little shark that we threw back, a little ray, we had a great time. We’re coming back, and I strongly suggest you do it yourself…We lost count, it was over thirty somewhere, this is the way to go,

Henry T.

It was awesome. Great weather, first time catching a snook and another couple of different species of fish. Landing that snook through the little channel of rocks there, pretty cool.

Ryan D.

Great, beautiful day. Only hooked into a jack myself, Captain Jimmy hooked me into a red that I pulled in. Good time though, nice boat, nice setup, thanks to iTrekkers.

Jeff N.

It was a great day with Captain Brian. Caught a lot of great fish, a lot of trout, a lot of other things. And he was very good with the kids, three kids under five. Excellent day.

Will M.

Wow, it was a great day, hooking up constantly, great fish, weather was beautiful, I love it. iTrekkers, shout out to them for hooking us up, it was an awesome day.

Josh G.

Man, it couldn’t have been any better. The weather was great, we hooked up as soon as we got to our spot, caught our limit in red fish, caught our limit in trout, constant fight, four straight hours of good fishing. And shout out to iTrekkers too.

James R.

I thought it was amazing. I’ve never been on a fishing trip before, and this was definitely more than I ever expected. The amount of fish we caught was unreal, and the sizes I’ve never seen before. So it was pretty amazing. I went out with Captain Glen today, it was awesome. He was a really nice guy and he played the best music.

Luke F.

It was fantastic. Went out, there was always a fish on the line, five stars all day long, highly recommended, Captain Glen is the man.

Ciarra L.

It was awesome! I’ve never been fishing before. I got a lot of good instruction and I was shocked at the stuff we were able to pull up. It was amazing! I got some pretty big groupers, I think. I was able to pull up an amberjack which was an awesome experience.

Patrick H.

This is awesome. Two sharks, a snapper that was fifteen pounds, Amberjack that my arms are still aching from pulling in. This has got to be like the best fishing trip ever. Everyone should do this.

Kevin W.

My day is incredible. This is like the most amazing morning I’ve ever had. We have caught the devil out of the fish out here. Kyle knows everything; he knows where they all are. He has treated us right. For a guy who grew up fishing in creeks and rivers up in the mountains in Virginia, this is unbelievable. I’ve never worked so hard in my life but it’s going to be good eating, I can’t wait to take it home.

Mike P.

Our trip was great! Capt. Kyle made it an awesome experience!

Billy B.

They took us out on the bay and we had a hell of a day- we went out for four hours. Lot of fun. We caught trout, mackerel, some mangos, and flounders. We got snook and redfish, and some jacks.

Cristina O.

It was awesome, I caught so many fish. And I’m never going fishing without a captain again. Captain Mark was great.

Ashley M.

Great. We had an awesome time. Fish after fish, every line in the water, I was reeling in snook. A great day, we even got to see two manatees, and a dolphin go by too.

Amanda E.

Captain Mark has been awesome, he’s brought us to some really great places, and we’ve caught fish constantly for the past two hours, it’s been a great time.

Michael P.

It was unbelievable. I’ve been out with a couple captains before and it’s been hit or miss. Today, by far, we caught more fish than I’ve ever caught in my life. From the moment we got there, we cast in, and bam the fish were hitting. We went to three different spots, and in one spot we caught so many fish it just got kind of boring.

Tony M.

So today was beautiful, I mean, it was a gorgeous day out. Captain Mark put us on fish right away. Before today, I had never caught a snook before in my life. I literally caught fifty snook today, including some huge ones. They were at least five or six years old, I don’t know what that means, but it means they’re really big. And caught a giant trout, I would be eating it tonight if I wasn’t such a klutz and dropped him back into the water. But we had an awesome day. Captain Mark was fantastic. iTrekkers hooked us up with him, and it made all the difference in the world being with a great guide who could put us on fish right away.

Sam G.

It was outstanding. It was probably the best snook-fishing day I’ve ever had, and I’ve fished for snook for probably ten years. It was absolutely amazing, second largest fish I’ve ever caught in my life. For trophy fish, you definitely want to come and find Captain Bobby.

Doug G.

Had a great day out. I caught only 15 fish today, a little disappointed to be honest. But had a good time, they were biting all the way around, it was good stuff.

Shane N.

Captain Bobby’s awesome. We had a great day, good snook, good day, couple drinks, good friends.

Kelly A.

Captain Bobby is fantastic. I’ve never caught more fish than I have with him. It was all Snook. I love it. I would really recommend doing this. It was a lot of fun because I don’t catch fish on my own. iTrekkers! Love it! Bobby is fantastic. I’ve never caught more fish than I have with him. It was all snook, I love it. I would really recommend doing this, it was a lot of because I don’t catch fish on my own. iTrekkers, love it.

Kylie C.

Captain Bob was awesome, its such a fun day, he took us to all the right spots, we caught a ton of fish, it was great. Can’t wait to come back again, thank you.

Todd M.

Captain Bobby is the man, he’s knows what he’s doing, it’s great to go with a professional. We know what we’re doing in certain areas, but he’s the expert out here. It makes sense to go with the expert because then it’s a lot more fun and we caught some really big snook. We couldn’t get to where he gets, we wouldn’t know what to do and iTrekkers put us in touch with Captain Bobby and he was awesome.

Stevie B.

We had a great day! Caught a couple fish here, these are my babies. Looking to come out for another great trip out. Mate was good, captain was good, and just an all around awesome day, great weather!

Ashley F.

We had an awesome day today with iTrekkers, here on the boat with Captain Morgan. We caught a ton of fish! Great company, beautiful weather, no better day than here on the water. And I even get to go home with a fish like this! You’re gonna have a great time too.

Heidi S.

We had a great day on the boat with iTrekkers. They took us out with Captain Morgan, showed us everything we needed to do, they were very patient with us, and we caught a ton of fish.

Susan W.

We had a great day with iTrekkers! What a wonderful way to spend a day.

Jane G.

We had a really great day out on the water with iTrekkers. They hooked us up with Captain Morgan, who put us on some awesome fish all day long. We caught plenty of fish, everyone on the boat caught plenty of fish, and the crew was fantastic! You should definitely check them out, you won’t be disappointed.