Shark Fishing Experience

Come face to face with toothy critters from the deep! This all-inclusive private charter is guaranteed to provide memories for a lifetime.

  • Starts around 8 AM
  • Available Year Round

Available in 43 locations
across Florida!

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Trek Description

Fighting a shark is one of the biggest thrills you can have while fishing. Any angler will tell you that it’s a unique experience, and Florida is a great place to give shark fishing a try. When you take a chartered shark-fishing trip with iTREKKERS pro Guides, education is part of the experience. You will learn about baiting and rigging, as well as the habitat and feeding patterns of different species of sharks found in Florida waters.

Our shark fishing chartered trips in Florida start with catching baitfish, a fun fishing experience in and of itself. Our pro Guides use Jacks, Pinfish, Catfish, Lady Fish, and pretty much anything else that swims as bait during shark fishing trips. All of these fish are easy to catch on light tackle, so you’ll get to enjoy bait fishing while on your shark fishing trip. Don’t worry about how many bait fish you catch, though - we also bring some frozen bait as backup, so there’s always enough to have a real shark fishing experience!

Once you start the blood trail of chum and fish pieces in the waters, watch and wait - the sharks will find you quickly. As the sharks approach the boat, your Guides will offer instruction on how to cast for and catch them. Endurance is rewarded on chartered shark fishing trips; some of the bigger sharks can take 20 minutes to bring boat side once they are hooked.

If you are concerned about the well being of these majestic and powerful predators of the deep, rest assured: All the sharks will be released. Before they are, however, there will be plenty of photo opportunities. You can go home and brag to your friends about your time on the water fishing Jaws!

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