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Kayak fishing is the perfect way to explore Florida's coast, get some exercise - and bring home dinner! All-inclusive trips with expert guides equal an amazing experience.

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Trek Description

Fish the Florida coastline with a professional local guide. Aboard a kayak, you’ll be able to spend time in the most shallow back bays and glide over rivers and lagoons with ease. Anglers in Florida have plenty of opportunities when it comes to where and how to fish, but plenty of them will agree: kayak fishing in Florida is one of the most fun and satisfying ways to spend a day on the water.

When you set out to go kayak fishing in Florida with a professional local guide, everything is ready upon arrival! Just bring along any food or beverages your group would like to enjoy during the trip - we’ve got a cooler full of ice on each kayak, as well as dry storage to keep your personal belongings, like a camera or phone, safe while you aren’t capturing pictures of the local wildlife!

Your kayak and paddle, as well as fishing poles and freshly caught bait, will all be ready and waiting. Before heading out, your guide will ensure that you are comfortable on your kayak. Our guides pride themselves on being knowledgeable and friendly experts, whether you want to learn more about the basics of paddling your kayak or hear about the local plants and animals you might encounter while out kayak fishing in Florida. Then, it’s time to fish!

The species of fish you’re most likely to catch in Florida vary based on where you are in the large state - you’ll find different varieties in the Keys, Central Florida, or the Panhandle. A few fish, like Snook, Redfish and Snapper, are found throughout much of the state. Pro guides know where to go to get the fish you’re after!

Guided paddle fishing is like nothing you’ve ever experienced on a “typical” boat fishing charter.Check out this one-of-a-kind experience, with the best Florida kayak fishing guides around.

Interested in a stand up paddle board for one or more members of your party? Just let your guide know - we’re happy to customize your trip experience with a SUP!

Fish Species You May Catch
  • Black Drum
  • Flounder
  • Jack Crevalle
  • Mangrove Snapper
  • Redfish
  • Snook
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Speckled Sea Trout
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Customer Reviews


It was awesome, we'll do it again and again and again! It was a fabulous day! Thank you!

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Zack and Victoria from Tampa, FL

Thank you so much for the amazing tour. We had a great time! We paddled our butts off! I had a decked out paddle board with a seat on it and beautiful cooler... We had a great time. We highly recommend it, we love you!

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Colin and Barbara

Phenomenal, man! Couldn't ask for anything else! We had a friendly guide who put us on to the fish, helped us with the bait, thats the best part. We came out here with our food and our drinks and didn't have to clean anything up. Easy day! We got to focus on each other and have a good time fishing and spending a relaxing day on the water. Best part is walking away not having to do any of the cleaning up afterwards!

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The guide was good, great guide. Caught some really nice fish...All you got to do is come and they'll have everything you need.

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Al and Chuck

It was awesome, I learned a lot about kayaking, I learned a lot about the fishing back here. I'll be back! We had a great time and a good teacher. We learned a lot and we're gonna do it again tomorrow!

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