Camping Trips

Arrive to a ready-to-go campsite and sleep under the stars.

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This is the real thing, not car camping or "glamping..."

This is a REAL outdoorsy trip without worrying about it turning into an episode of "Survivor" because you're missing the right gear. Skip to the awesome!

…but, hey, why not have a guide make it easier?

Your guide sets up the tents, cooking area, builds the fire, packs up the camp, and teaches you everything you need to know, even how to shi—do your business in the woods.

If you don’t love your experience—which is just crazy talk—we’ll refund every penny.

No funny business, we promise.

Your experience matters. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

  1. Before you arrive...

    Your guide will prepare your camp site and hiking packs with all the essentials.

  2. Safety first.

    Meet with your guide at the starting point to go over gear, functionality and proper use.

  3. Your adventure begins!

    Venture into the wild to start your hike, or relax in your prepared campsite.

  4. Need a lesson? We’ll show you the ropes.

    Get trained on the basics like cooking, filtering water, the land and more.

  5. Sleep under the stars.

    Experience the tranquility of sleeping outdoors with friends and family.

  6. Head home without lifting a finger.

    Go home feeling refreshed and closer to nature—without the hassle of cleaning up.

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