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John's Pass Shark Fishing Experience

Come face to face with toothy critters from the deep! This all-inclusive private charter is guaranteed to provide memories for a lifetime.

John's Pass Shark Fishing Experience Featured Video
  • John's Pass, FL
  • Starts around 8 AM
  • Season runs from March to September

John's Pass Shark Fishing Experience

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Your experience matters. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

  1. Before you arrive...

    Your guide will fuel up the boat, have your bait ready and setup at the docks.

  2. Meet your guide at the launch point.

    Your guide will be waiting for you at the docks, ready to help you get situated on the boat.

  3. Your adventure begins!

    Head out on the water to the fishing grounds! Your guide will have already scoped out where the fish are biting today.

  4. Need a lesson? We'll show you the ropes!

    Your guide will teach you how to cast, reel in the fish—as much as you want to learn!

  5. ...and dinner is served!

    Call it a day and head back to the docks where your guide will fillet your catches for you.

  6. No cleanup necessary.

    We're here to make your trip effortless. Your captain takes care of the boat while you’re posting pics on the way home.

Starting Location


John's Pass Marina
12901 Gulf Boulevard
Madeira Beach, Florida 33708

  • Bathrooms
  • No Concession / Shop
  • Paid Parking / Entrance

Trip usually begins around 8 AM, but start times may vary up to an hour depending on conditions. Don’t worry though, you’ll know in advance.

Trip times are flexible!

Prefer to begin in the afternoon? Just let us know before you book by calling 1.844.468.8735

This trip is available in 13 more locations including Madeira Beach, FL.
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Trek Description

Fighting a shark is one of the biggest thrills you can have while fishing. Any angler will tell you that it’s a unique experience, and Florida is a great place to give shark fishing a try. When you take a chartered shark-fishing trip with iTREKKERS pro Guides, education is part of the experience. You will learn about baiting and rigging, as well as the habitat and feeding patterns of different species of sharks found in Florida waters.

Our shark fishing chartered trips in Florida start with catching baitfish, a fun fishing experience in and of itself. Our pro Guides use Jacks, Pinfish, Catfish, Lady Fish, and pretty much anything else that swims as bait during shark fishing trips. All of these fish are easy to catch on light tackle, so you’ll get to enjoy bait fishing while on your shark fishing trip. Don’t worry about how many bait fish you catch, though - we also bring some frozen bait as backup, so there’s always enough to have a real shark fishing experience!

Once you start the blood trail of chum and fish pieces in the waters, watch and wait - the sharks will find you quickly. As the sharks approach the boat, your Guides will offer instruction on how to cast for and catch them. Endurance is rewarded on chartered shark fishing trips; some of the bigger sharks can take 20 minutes to bring boat side once they are hooked.

If you are concerned about the well being of these majestic and powerful predators of the deep, rest assured: All the sharks will be released. Before they are, however, there will be plenty of photo opportunities. You can go home and brag to your friends about your time on the water fishing Jaws!

Only the Best Fishing Gear

Tips & Details

Things to Know:
  • Morning and evening start times available.
  • Sharks can be fished for year round in Florida
  • All the sharks caught on our trips are released
  • Sharks can be dangerous, especially once on board. So be sure to listen to the guides instructions at all times.
  • Gratuity not included in the rate.
What’s Included:
  • All fishing gear & tackle
  • We can accommodate 1-6 persons.
  • Florida fishing licenses.
Don’t Forget to Bring:
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • Food and Drinks
  • Camera

We’re here all day. Let’s talk about getting you outdoors.

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Customer Reviews

Korinne N.

We had an awesome time night shark fishing with Jason! It was a perfect night. We caught a ton of different fish and even shark! It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and helpful at Itrekkers. Jason was very knowledgable and made the trip easy and enjoyable. We will be fishing with them again and have already referred them to friends and family.

Carl & Sal from Buffalo, NY

We had an awesome time. We came down from Buffalo, New York, seven feet of snow. We needed to go fishing. So we went to iTrekkers.com. Awesome trip. We’ve got a new vessel here, decked out from bow to stern with great equipment. The captain and the first mate knew exactly where to go, we got the limit. We caught a little shark that we threw back, a little ray, we had a great time. We’re coming back, and I strongly suggest you do it yourself...We lost count, it was over thirty somewhere, this is the way to go, iTrekkers.com.

 Featured Video

Patrick H. from Tampa, FL

This is awesome. Two sharks, a snapper that was fifteen pounds, amberjack that my arms are still aching from pulling in. This has got to be like the best fishing trip ever. Everyone should do this!

 Featured Video

Customer Questions & Answers

Does the boat have a place where I can keep my camera, phone, and other things dry?
They sure do! Although each boat may vary depending on the guide. They all have available dry storage that you can use. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 13
I have never done something like this before, what all is included?
We provide all the essentials for your trip; rod, tackle, bait, licensing, etc. The only thing you need to provide is whatever food and/or drinks you would want out on the water. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 18
Can you accommodate 5 people and where dos the boat leave from?
Yes! We accommodate groups of up to 6 – or large groups of up to as many as you can think. And we have launch points all over Florida. iTREKKERS By Ben B. on June 30
Where would I find info on the different captains and vessels?
The specific captain information will be selected when the charter is booked and a captain is assigned to your trip. All captains are personally vetted by us as well as their equipment! iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 21
Is there a special code to use when booking an excursion?
There is! If you can send us a picture of your military ID or other identifier. We will responed with the coupon code for your discount. info@itrekkers.com iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 20
I get sea sick pretty easy - will this one make me sea sick?
If you're prone to sea sickness, we'd recommend an inshore fishing trip. The distance is less than 2 miles from shore, greatly limiting the risk for sea sickness. You'll be good to go! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17
What are your rates and times?
Our rates are based on time on the water as well as number of people going on the trip. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on June 30
Just looking to see what adventures might be nice for my husband to do on Fathers' Day
Awesome! We love taking fathers out for their big day. We'd recommend Inshore Fishing, or Deep Sea Fishing. Inshore if it's his first time, or deep sea if he's an experienced angler! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17
Hi there....when do I see which guide I am being reserved with?
Once your trip is booked, we connect you with a pre-vetted guide that is available. We have a vast network of hundreds of guides all over the state of Florida! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on June 30
How much do you charge for cleaning the fish or do I have to?
That is all included! When that happens, most customers will tip the guide, but it is not mandatory. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on June 29

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