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Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing

Experience back country fishing in coastal bays and inland waters. Fish with one of our local expert guides, who will guarantee an amazing trip!

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  • Tampa, FL
  • Starts around 8 AM
  • Available Year Round

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing

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Your experience matters. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

  1. Before you arrive...

    Your guide will fuel up the boat, have your bait ready and setup at the docks.

  2. Meet your guide at the launch point.

    Your guide will be waiting for you at the docks, ready to help you get situated on the boat.

  3. Your adventure begins!

    Head out on the water to the fishing grounds! Your guide will have already scoped out where the fish are biting today.

  4. Need a lesson? We'll show you the ropes!

    Your guide will teach you how to cast, reel in the fish—as much as you want to learn!

  5. ...and dinner is served!

    Call it a day and head back to the docks where your guide will fillet your catches for you.

  6. No cleanup necessary.

    We're here to make your trip effortless. Your captain takes care of the boat while you’re posting pics on the way home.

Starting Location


Gandy Boat Ramp
5108 West Gandy Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33611

  • Bathrooms
  • No Concession / Shop
  • Parking / Entrance

Trip usually begins around 8 AM, but start times may vary up to an hour depending on conditions. Don’t worry though, you’ll know in advance.

Trip times are flexible!

Prefer to begin in the afternoon? Just let us know before you book by calling 1.844.468.8735

This trip is available in 13 more locations including Safety Harbor, FL and St. Petersburg, FL.
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Trek Description

A Bay Fishing adventure is perfect for new and seasoned anglers alike! The characteristics of a Bay Fishing trip are calm waters, beautiful scenery, and of course, great fishing. You’ll be out on the open water, but you’ll never leave sight of land. Rest assured, though; staying inshore doesn’t mean you’re missing out. Inland waters allow you to explore bays, backcountry, mangroves, harbors and more. While you are Bay Fishing with one of our vetted Guides, you will catch a wide variety of fish. Redfish, Snook, Trout, Sheepshead, and Mangrove Snapper are all waiting in Bay waters - just to name a few!

You’ll get to spend the day on a bay boat that is equipped to handle your group comfortably during the short-distance trip. Your Guide will stick to the shallow, intercostal waterways, which are protected by Florida’s bays and inlets. Relax and enjoy the boat ride, as you’ll move from spot to spot depending on where the fish are biting.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the amazing creatures you might see along the way! Some of the wildlife you might get to see on your Bay Fishing trip include dolphins, turtles, manatees, osprey, pelicans and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day with our seasoned Guides. Let them do all the work while you enjoy the experience and make new memories with friends, families or clients. Bait, gear and good times included. BYOB!

Only the Best Fishing Gear

Tips & Details

Things to Know:
  • Your guides are experts in their field. Feel free to ask questions and learn about the process along the way!
  • Gratuity is not included in the price- Your guides work hard to create the best possible fishing experience for you!
  • You are here to relax... the guide will do everything for you.
  • EVERYTHING is included... just bring your own food and beverages
  • alcoholic beverages are allowed! Just no glass please
  • No Bananas... the curse of the sea!
What’s Included:
  • All Tackle (Fishing Rods and Reels)
  • Bait (live and artificial)
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Cooler with Ice
  • Fish Cleaning
  • Adult life jackets
  • Memories and a fun time!
Don’t Forget to Bring:
  • Sunscreen
  • Food and Drinks
  • Hat
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • A great attitude
  • Comfortable life jackets for kids if you have them
  • Cash for Tip

We’re here all day. Let’s talk about getting you outdoors.

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Customer Reviews

Garrett R.

Booking through iTrekkers was quick and seamless - - and Captain Jason Semeyn is top notch. He put us ON THE FISH! One of the best Boca Grande fishing experiences I've ever had. Would highly recommend iTrekkers to anyone looking to book a top-quality charter experience!

Jeff N.

Excellent experience, from the easy-going captain and to the welcoming attitude of our kids. With kids, you always wonder how it will go, but with Captain Brain, look no more. From the beginning, he made my daughter feel part of the excursion and actually participate. Highly recommend this company for families. With the kids we did inshore fishing and flats fishing. We were going after trout, snock, and redfish.

Matthew R. from Johnson City, NY

While visiting the area on spring break, my wife, daughter and her friend rented a 17 footer from Blind Pass for 4 hours. We took the boat to Shell Key, snorkeled and collected shells, went out in the gulf a bit, then saw dolphins in the inlet. The experience was wonderful and the price was very reasonable. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend them, and hoping to use them again next time!

John M.

If you are a beginner to fishing this is the ideal company to use. We went fishing out of Tampa(GANDY) with Captain Brian Caudill. Brian was did an awesome job and put us in great areas to fish . My son and I learned so much about fishing. Our experience was great and we cant wait to go again. Brian showed us a manatee and about 1000 sting rays!

JP P. from Tampa, FL

I've gone out with Itrekkers many times and it's always an amazing experience! We have done inshore fishing and SUP trips and the guides are always top notch! They do everything first class. I love the fact the guides not only have the best gear but they are incredible personable and fun. I will use them again and again!

Brian R. from Sandpoint, ID

Had issues the day of with cancellation. Owner took a personal interest in our group and made everything right for us. Very well operated company. Issues will happen, but iTrekkers resolution was top level customer service. Would recommend.

Mary F.

I would like to take this time to tell you about the experience on 7/20/17 that we had with one of there guides, Jeremy,..We had a blast.. there were 5 of us, 3 adults and 2 children ages 12 & 15. From the very start of our fantastic adventure Jeremy was terrific. Super accommodating to all our needs. Very patient with our grandson Sam who had never fished before. What a great teacher and fish finder..His enthusiasm made our trip not only enjoyable but also memorable. We are all looking forward to booking another fishing trip with him as our Captain.

Jeremy B.

Had a great time fishing with itrekkers!! Put us right on the fish! Thanks Capt. Jason Semeyn for the awesome trip!

Don P.

iTrekers made it very easy for me to book a last minute quality trip with a great captain. We had a great trip with Captain John Griffith. He really knows this area, how to catch fish and take care of all your needs. The conditions were not ideal, mother nature, but Captain John kept a close eye on the weather and got us back to the dock minutes before the rain came with fish that he clean for us in the rain. I will call iTrackers again, hopefully soon. Don

Rick C.

We had a great day with Capt Jason in early April near Boca Grande. It was crazy windy that day but he knew where to go to give us the experience we wanted. Highly recommended

Ashley H.

I had a great time fishing with iTrekkers! Caught a ton of fish and one the biggest snook I've ever seen. We also saw manatees and dolphins.

Justin G.

We went fishing in Boca Grande with Captain Jason Semeyn. We caught a whole bunch of trout, plus snook, bluefish and jack. We had a great time.

Joseph M.

The guides are great, but try and book them directly. Do not use this service. There are non-disclosed fees and once they get your credit card there's no stopping them.

Melissa K.

We used iTrekkers for inshore fishing in Tampa and had an amazing experience. Jason was great with the 2 children on board and a pleasure to spend the day with.

Chaz W.

Went out with capt. Jason Semeyn and it was awesome. Slammed the boat and had a great time. I would recommend him to any customer of itrekkers.

Melissa Lindsey

"5 Stars"

Matt R.

iTrekkers found us a great guide on short notice, and we had a terrific time. We caught snook, reds, trout and others in spite of tough water conditions.

Launa P. from Clearwater, FL

If you are looking for a super fun experience you guys have to get a hold of iTrekkers.com... I'm not lying, 10 minutes into our fishing trip today—BOOM—caught a huge snook, then there was trout... I just love iTrekkers!

 Featured Video


Thanks iTrekkers, that was a great trip. We got Chase here fish, he caught snook! Caught his first sea trout ever! Doug nailed a big, big snook. Capt. Jim put us right on it! Kyle took care of the lines, helped us get the fish on board and gave us a safe release with it afterwards. We had a great time. Lots of fish, lots of fun. Can't wait to do it again.

 Featured Video

Christina C. from Tampa, FL

It was a lot of fun, Capt. Oliver took the hassle out of fishing for me so we could sit back and enjoy it!

 Featured Video

Judy R. from Tampa, FL

This was our second trip with Kenny and Christian, we had a great day on the water. We caught lots of fish and we will definitely be back for another trip.

 Featured Video

Rick W. from Chattanooga, TN

We had the BEST day. We caught lots of redfish and snook. It was probably the best experience we ever had. Capt. Jim and his son Kyle were amazing and very accommodating. I would recommend it to everybody. If you wanna have a good trip come to Tampa Florida and book with Capt. Jim and iTrekkers. We highly recommend it.

 Featured Video

Meg K. from Saint Petersburg, FL

We had a great time, we caught a lot of fish, we caught jack, A LOT of mackerel, lady fish and more, we highly recommend it.

 Featured Video

Marie M. from Tampa, FL

I’ve been to Florida a lot and it was great to just, instead of driving up and down that freeway, to go out on a boat and enjoy a beautiful day.

 Featured Video

Dave M. from Tampa, FL

Today was awesome. The weather started out just absolutely beautiful. Got a little windy, but then it slacked off. He put us on some fish, got a couple good red fish, I got more of course. But anyway, he put us on some good fish, we tooled around, got a couple spots here and there and it was a great day.

 Featured Video

Rusty M. from Tampa, FL

Rick was awesome, I’m glad I got hooked up with him through the website, it was nice. Local knowledge was excellent. He took us everywhere we wanted to go, put us on some fish, had a good time.

 Featured Video

Shane N. from St. Petersburg, FL

Captain Bobby’s awesome. We had a great day, good snook, good day, couple drinks, good friends.

 Featured Video

Darin L. from Tampa, FL

Day with Captain Mark’s been great. He put us on five spots, we were catching fish every time...Yeah, iTrekkers is great and their captains are wonderful.

 Featured Video

Amanda E. from Tampa, FL

Captain Mark has been awesome, he’s brought us to some really great places, and we’ve caught fish constantly for the past two hours, it’s been a great time.

 Featured Video

Ryan D. from Brandon, FL

Great, beautiful day. Only hooked into a jack myself, Captain Jimmy hooked me into a red that I pulled in. Good time though, nice boat, nice setup, thanks to iTrekkers.

 Featured Video

Sam G. from Tampa, FL

It was outstanding. It was probably the best snook-fishing day I’ve ever had, and I’ve fished for snook for probably ten years. It was absolutely amazing, second largest fish I’ve ever caught in my life. For trophy fish, you definitely want to come and find Captain Bobby.

 Featured Video

Henry T. from San Francisco, CA

It was awesome. Great weather, first time catching a snook and another couple of different species of fish. Landing that snook through the little channel of rocks there, pretty cool.

 Featured Video

Ashley M. from Tampa, FL

Great. We had an awesome time. Fish after fish, every line in the water, I was reeling in snook. A great day, we even got to see two manatees, and a dolphin go by too.

 Featured Video

Cristina O. from Tampa, FL

It was awesome, I caught so many fish. And I’m never going fishing without a captain again. Captain Mark was great.

 Featured Video

Ashley M. from Tampa, FL

Had a great time with Rick. He was awesome and showed us exactly where to cast, helped us bait the hooks if we needed it. Had a great time, caught some trout and red fish.

 Featured Video

Nic M. from Atlanta, GA

It was pretty good, a fun family activity. Captain Brian was great with the kids, and the kids up till now, they were great too. Caught lots of fish. Thank you very much, we’ll be back.

 Featured Video

James J. from Tampa, FL

It was a good day, tough fishing. But a good boat, good setup, good captain. Had a lot of good spots.

 Featured Video

Billy B. from Knoxville, IA

They took us out on the bay and we had a hell of a day- we went out for four hours. Lot of fun. We caught trout, mackerel, some mangos, and flounders. We got snook and redfish, and some jacks.

 Featured Video

Jason & Dan W. from Lawrenceville, GA

We had a real good day. It was awesome, we had a plan and we attacked it. We are completely happy. Fill the fryer, we caught Snapper, Mackerel and Redfish. A trophy should be on top of them. Thanks Capt. Mark.

 Featured Video

Trip from Tampa, FL

Well we had a great day on the water today, we saw some wildlife, it was some really good fishing. We caught some snook, Spanish mackerel and snapper and had a nice trout to take home for the family to eat tonight.

 Featured Video

Laura C. from Safety Harbor, FL

I caught 25 fish today and you caught the biggest one at 34 in. That is true, I also caught 9 others that weren't that long but just as competitive. Thanks Capt. Jim and iTrekkers.com!

 Featured Video

Sam W. from Tampa, FL

Really glad that we found Captain Jim on iTrekkers. Had an amazing time today, went out with some friends and caught a bunch of fish, went to a bunch of different locations. And really a website I highly recommend visiting.

 Featured Video

Todd M. from Tampa, FL

Captain Bobby is the man, he’s knows what he’s doing, it’s great to go with a professional. We know what we’re doing in certain areas, but he’s the expert out here. It makes sense to go with the expert because then it’s a lot more fun and we caught some really big snook. We couldn’t get to where he gets, we wouldn’t know what to do and iTrekkers put us in touch with Captain Bobby and he was awesome.

 Featured Video

Kylie C. from Tampa, FL

Captain Bob was awesome, its such a fun day, he took us to all the right spots, we caught a ton of fish, it was great. Can’t wait to come back again, thank you.

 Featured Video

Kelly A. from Tampa, FL

Captain Bobby is fantastic. I’ve never caught more fish than I have with him. It was all Snook. I love it. I would really recommend doing this. It was a lot of fun because I don’t catch fish on my own. iTrekkers! Love it!

 Featured Video

Tony M.

So today was beautiful, I mean, it was a gorgeous day out. Captain Mark put us on fish right away. Before today, I had never caught a snook before in my life. I literally caught fifty snook today, including some huge ones. They were at least five or six years old, I don’t know what that means, but it means they’re really big. And caught a giant trout, I would be eating it tonight if I wasn’t such a klutz and dropped him back into the water. But we had an awesome day. Captain Mark was fantastic. iTrekkers hooked us up with him, and it made all the difference in the world being with a great guide who could put us on fish right away.

 Featured Video

Michael P.

It was unbelievable. I’ve been out with a couple captains before and it’s been hit or miss. Today, by far, we caught more fish than I’ve ever caught in my life. From the moment we got there, we cast in, and bam the fish were hitting. We went to three different spots, and in one spot we caught so many fish it just got kind of boring.

 Featured Video

Luke F. from Tampa, FL

It was fantastic. Went out, there was always a fish on the line, five stars all day long, highly recommended, Captain Glen is the man.

 Featured Video

James R. from Tampa, FL

I thought it was amazing. I’ve never been on a fishing trip before, and this was definitely more than I ever expected. The amount of fish we caught was unreal, and the sizes I’ve never seen before. So it was pretty amazing. I went out with Captain Glen today, it was awesome. He was a really nice guy and he played the best music.

 Featured Video

Josh G. from Tampa, FL

Man, it couldn’t have been any better. The weather was great, we hooked up as soon as we got to our spot, caught our limit in red fish, caught our limit in trout, constant fight, four straight hours of good fishing. And shout out to iTrekkers too.

 Featured Video

Will M. from Tampa, FL

Wow, it was a great day, hooking up constantly, great fish, weather was beautiful, I love it. iTrekkers, shout out to them for hooking us up, it was an awesome day.

 Featured Video

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Customer Questions & Answers

I get sea sick pretty easy - will this one make me sea sick?
If you're prone to sea sickness, we'd recommend an inshore fishing trip. The distance is less than 2 miles from shore, greatly limiting the risk for sea sickness. You'll be good to go! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17
What fish are biting inshore near Tampa?
The Tampa bay area have a variety of fish that bite throughout the year. You have the possibility of catching snook, flounder, seatrout, tarpon, redfish, jacks, and more! iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 18
Hi...i was wondering if you are the kind of charter that pays for catch upon returning to land as well
We don't pay for the catch. If the catch is in season and size, it's all yours! We even fillet the fish for you right on the dock. iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 16
What is the age limit for your fishing trips?
There are no age restrictions! Although, anyone under the age of 6 needs to be in a life vest at all times. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 21
I'm looking for fishing lessons. Do you provide that service?
Yes! We offer fishing trips that are specifically focused on lessons. Search 'lessons' on the site to find the trip! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17
What do u do for bathrooms?
Most launch points have restrooms available where you can go before and after the trip. At the moment, most of our boats are not equipped with a restroom, but some do (mostly our deep sea boats) iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 20
Are your guides Coast Guard certified or inspected?
Yes they are! All off our guides are verified by the Coast Guard and ready to take you out on the water. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 20
What months can you fish snook?
Snook season is as follows: March 1st – April 30th iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17
Just looking to see what adventures might be nice for my husband to do on Fathers' Day
Awesome! We love taking fathers out for their big day. We'd recommend Inshore Fishing, or Deep Sea Fishing. Inshore if it's his first time, or deep sea if he's an experienced angler! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17
I am looking for a fishing trip with my family and want to know if we need fishing licenses for a trip like this
You don't need a fishing license when going on our charters: Our captains are equipped with licenses that cover all guests on the boat, so you are covered! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17
I'm looking for a shorter trip with our kids that will stay near to the shore. What would be the best option?
Inshore Fishing is our recommended trip for guests with children. It's a shorter trip and much better for novice fishermen / women. Also, you never lose sight of land, so there's much less risk of any seasickness! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 16
I am wondering what I fish could catch?
You could catch snook, redfish, cobia, flounder, sheepshead, trout, and much more! iTREKKERS By Peter P. on June 30
How far off shore do u go for your inshore charter?
Typically you will not go farther than 3 miles off the coast, but don't worry, land will always be in sight! iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 18
How much do you charge for cleaning the fish or do I have to?
That is all included! When that happens, most customers will tip the guide, but it is not mandatory. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on June 29
What equipment do I need to bring?
You just need to bring whatever food and drinks you want out on the water! We provide everything else. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 20
I am looking for a party boat fishing trip
At the moment, all of our charters are private. It would be you or your group and the captain. iTREKKERS By Peter P. on July 12
I am not sure what inshore fishing is. Do you have charters that go out farther?
Inshore fishing is fishing that is done within 2 miles of the shore. There are a wealth of Florida's most popular fish within this distance. If you're looking to go out a bit further, check out Nearshore or Offshore (deep sea) fishing! iTREKKERS By Ben B. on July 17

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