We’re on a mission to help aspiring explorers learn the outdoors.

What is iTREKKERS?

iTREKKERS is the best way to connect with awesome things to do outside in Tampa Bay. Explore the mangroves on a stand-up paddleboard. Cast a fishing rod with the guidance of a pro. Better yet, watch the kids give it a try! By the time you’ve tried all of our free or low-cost classes, you’ll basically be the neighborhood expert in all things outdoors.

Our goal is to bring the community together and get people outside. We meet up at well-known places like Picnic Island, Davis Island, Sand Key Beach, Gandy Beach, and many more local spots in Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater. Most meetups start at only $10, and many are FREE for kids 6 and under. Instructors will walk you through the steps, and all equipment is provided.

Once you master the basics, we’ve got intro to boat fishing charters and paddleboard tours through the mangroves that line Florida’s coast.

Being outside is an activity for everyone – friends, family, co-workers and community groups. Kids are welcome – and encouraged!

Why host local outdoor events in Tampa Bay?

Because we care about our community and want to give back. Because learning something new doesn’t have to feel like work. Because sometimes, it’s fun to forget about your phone. Because going outside can mean coming together.

Through giving back, we hope to inspire our friends and neighbors to care about the environment. We don’t just want to create a group of outdoor enthusiasts – we want to build a world where people live outspired. With every paddleboarding lesson or fishing tutorial, you are building a connection to nature that will stay with you – and that’s our goal.

Do you know of an awesome venue we are missing out on? Want to try something that’s not on our schedule? Let us know and we will do our best to meet you where you are, from skill level to location.

Brought to you by people who love the outdoors.

How We Do It

We enable guided outdoor adventures with top-notch professional guides.

Step 1: Sign up for lessons, from 101 intro classes to full tours.

Step 2: Take a chartered guided trip.

Step 3: You’re ready to explore on your own!

Why We Do It

While we started with charter fishing as our main activity, we soon realized that the challenges in learning to fish also apply to paddling and camping. Ever wanted to try paddle boarding or kayaking but didn’t have the equipment or know where to go? We’ve fixed this for you. Wanted to try fishing, but not sure how to get started? Now you can learn at a low cost and with a professional guide. Take a class, then try a full charter. Want to go camping without investing in all that gear? We schedule seasonal camping trips for beginners.

Our love for the outdoors and our desire to bring no-hassle outdoor adventure to the novice explorer is what drives us every day. We aim to offer amazing outdoor lessons and classes, with top-notch outdoor guides, providing you with the best possible experience.

Help us get 1,000,000 aspiring explorers out into the Florida wilderness. Help us spread the love of nature and the outdoors to the next generation. Let’s get them unplugged and outside. Let’s live outspired.

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